Second conference call for papers

Archives of Shame in the English-Speaking World

Second edition of the Shame Network project on “The Cultural Politics of Shame in the English- Speaking World” International Conference hosted by CREW & PRISMES research centers at Sorbonne Nouvelle University

3-4 December 2021

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Latest posts
  • Addressing Collective Shame: Poetic Justice and the Mother and Baby Homes
    Author: Virginie Trachsler ‘Wash in this way and rid your hands of Mother, Baby, Home’. This is the final line of Annemarie Ní Churreáin’s poem ‘Six Ways To Wash Your Hands (Ayliffe, 1978)’, addressed to the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation. The publication of the Commission’s report in January 2021 and the following discussions around its shortcomings could...
  • Archives of shame in Shakespeare’s drama
    Author: Elisabeth Szanto Archives are “collections preserved permanently because of the enduring value of the information[…] and for the use of others than those who originally created them”1. The etymology of “archive” stems from the Latin archiva, “written records,” and from the place where they are kept, from the Greek ta arkheia “public records”.2 In ancient Greece, official documents were...
  • Vénus Noire. Black Women and Colonial Fantasies in Nineteenth-Century France
    by Robin Mitchell University of Georgia Press 2020. Please find the podcast in this exernal link: here [NB : links are available in full posts only.]
  • Shame as a Visual and Textual Counter-Discourse to the 1960s’ “Liberation” in Mainstream American Fashion Magazines
    Author: Alice Morin (Phillips-Universität Marburg/CREW, Sorbonne Nouvelle) This paper is concerned with mainstream fashion magazines’ ambivalent discourses on femininity, and how they have acted (and still act, to a certain extent) to exert shame on women, womanly behaviors, and their bodies. These visual and textual discourses, in dialogue and sometimes in conflict between themselves, offer a counterpoint to their repositioning...
  • The Politics of Shame in Artivism: The double-edged sword of recent artistic interventions on the migrant ‘crisis’.
    Author: Bénédicte MIYAMOTO – Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Introduction OpenDemocracy declared that “2016 will be remembered as the EU’s year of shame”i for its handling of the so-called migration ‘crisis’. Public shaming stipulates that any experience of shame is a consequence – and a proof – of guilt. Using shaming as a strategy for protest art, holding up a mirror to...
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